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Consumers Help Make The Aluminum Can The Most Recycled U.S. Beverage Package

Why Water?

Why Aluminum Cans?

Recently, the 2010 aluminum can recycling rate was announced. Americans recycled approximately 56 billion aluminum cans last year, increasing the recycling rate to 58 percent – saving the energy equivalent of 17 million barrels of crude oil, or nearly two days of all U.S. oil imports. Consumers recognize the value of infinitely recyclable aluminum cans – recycling it is one of the easiest ways consumers can help reduce their environmental footprint. Consider:

  • Cans have the highest recycling rate of any beverage container in the U.S., far higher than glass and plastic.

  • The average aluminum can is made from 68 percent total recycled content, the highest of any beverage container.

  • Cans provide long shelf life by protecting products inside from light, oxygen and other factors which can affect taste and even product safety.

  • Cans don’t shatter and are among the lightest beverage packages to transport, reducing their environmental footprint.

  • Cans go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days.

  • Making cans from recycled metal takes 95 percent less energy and 95 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than using new metal.

  • The aluminum can is the only package that more than covers its recycling costs, helping to finance the collection and recycling of other materials such as glass and plastic.

Recent life cycle analyses of the aluminum beverage can in the U.S. and in Europe confirm the can is more sustainable than ever, a consumer-friendly packaging material for beverages. As the largest beverage can maker in the world, Ball Corporation continues to work with our partners throughout the supply chain to drive the recycling rate higher, ensuring the aluminum can remains the sustainable package of choice.

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