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Recycling center goes high tech

Customers of Aurora Metal Recycling get a free can of purified spring water from CannedWater4kids

Aurora Metal Recycling is open and taking scrap metal at 619 Spruce St. on Aurora’s West Side. The recycling center
is located at the northwest corner of Highland and Spruce streets.

David Giordano, of Naperville, owns the recycling operation with his dad, David, who also owns a recycling center in Chicago. The neighborhood center takes steel, aluminum, copper and other metals and utilizes the latest high-tech equipment, explained Giordano, 23.

Customers can drive in the Spruce Street entrance, where the metal is weighed on various scales. Dozens of cameras are installed at the site to combat theft of metal, such as copper gutters and pipes from homes. The customer then gets a receipt and can only access payment from an ATM machine installed on the building.

Aurora Metal Recycling does some small batch separation at the facility and sends the metal to distributors.

So far, the recycling center is bringing in locals with aluminum cans and scrap metal, Giordano said. Every customer who comes in gets a free can of purified spring water purchased from the CannedWater4kids organization.

Giordano grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and said the population growth brought them to this area. He said they purchased the Aurora site in June and started operations in early August.

Aurora Metal Recycling is open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Visit http://www.aurorametalrecycle.com for more information.

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