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95% of all money collected goes to help fund and deliver clean water programs worldwide

Where Does the Money Go?

We're helping to bring Clean, Safe Water to remote areas of the world

Your donations have helped bring water purification solutions to the highlands of Guatemala, well/water tank projects in Zambia, Africa and Bio Sand Filter projects in Tanzania. A new well sponsored by CW4K in Mulfulari Africa brought clean water for the first time to a village of over 400,000 people. Your donation will help us build many more wells like these. Imagine bringing clean, safe water to those who have none.

Disaster relief for Haiti 2010 Earthquake

Clean water for disaster relief

Recent efforts included sending water to Japan and Haiti to aid in their post-earthquake water shortage.

Sustainable water systems

We believe in sustainable water systems. That's why before we leave, villagers are instructed on how to care for their new water system themselves. This provides villagers with a sense of pride and ownership.

Give The Gift Of Clean Water

Your gift today can help bring clean water to those who have none. Every dollar helps.
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