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Too Many Children Are Dying For A Drink Of Clean Water.
We’re trying to change that.
And You can help.

The water that we drink every day and hardly give a second thought, is a scarce commodity for countless children around the world.

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Canned Water For Kids

CannedWater4Kids Has A Unique Solution That Will Make A Difference

By tapping into the global can industry, clean water, packaged in aluminum cans, will become our symbol and billboard for spreading the word while developing strong grassroots awareness and participation.

The aluminum can was selected because it is safe, readily available, sustainable (recyclable) and economical.

Canned Water 4 Kids Unique Solution

About Our Purified Water

It starts with a 300-year old Glacier. Then, bubbling from deep within crystaline granite of Stearns County, Minnesota, the water, which requires no additional filtration, produces a beverage of extraordinary taste and purity. Thank you Mother Nature.

Not only is it one of the best tasting Glacial waters on the market today, but your purchase is a tax-deductible donation and helps fund clean water initiatives world-wide.

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About the Purified Water From Canned Water 4 Kids

Video: Engineers Without Borders

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, students in Engineers Without Borders have the opportunity to participate in projects such as steel/concrete bridges, water filtration/supply systems, computer setup/training, solar power systems in developing communities.

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Purchase our canned water - available in 12oz cans and 16oz bottles

One of the ways we raise money to support our programs is through the sale of premium drinking water in aluminum cans and bottles.

Available in 16oz aluminum bottles and 12oz cans.

Perfect for vending machines, boardrooms, hospitality, or home.

You'll stay hydrated and you can feel good knowing you are supporting a worthy cause.

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